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Mira's Naturals Sting Stick and Bug Bite Relief

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Product Description

Mira's Naturals .15 oz Sting Sick is your all-natural remedy to the summer bummer of stings and insect bites! Their sting stick was developed out of necessity for when Beekeeper Mike was working in their beehives and would get stung. He researched natural solutions, perfected his creation and that was how this product was born!

The stick's main active ingredient is plantain.This herb is extremely common in North America and most people consider it an annoying weed. Studies have actually shown that plantain has anti-inflammatory effects, and it is also rich in tannin (which helps draw tissues together to stop bleeding) and allantoin (a compound that promotes healing of injured skin cells). This is why it is so beneficial within the sting stick. They infuse olive oil with both fresh plantain and mint and along with healing propolis tincture and tea tree oil blended with beeswax and wintergreen essential oil into an easy to use and travel ready tube. 

This is ideal for hikers, campers, beekeepers and anyone who enjoys being out in nature yet has adverse reactions to bites and stings. Once stung or bitten, immediately apply. It may take multiple applications within 15 minutes of each other but the effected area tends not to spread and just bubbles up to a small blister then dissipates. 

Handmade in small batches with absolutely nothing artificial, Mira’s Naturals bath & beauty products are made with love and intention on the family's bee farm in Woodstock, NY.

Size: .15 oz

**Please note that they do not recommend this as the only treatment for those who suffer from severe allergic reactions.

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