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Handmade Fair Trade Wool Guatemalan Rug by Meso

$ 425.00

Product Description

This Fair Trade, rustic-modern handwoven rug in grey and white adds a touch of quiet modern tribalism to the composition of any room.

Available in many sizes, these wool rugs are hand-loomed by Meso, a group of Guatemalan artisans who combine traditional Central American weaving techniques with modern, innovative design.

This Fair Trade cooperative helps preserve Mayan cultural heritage by promoting environmental and social awareness, using recycled materials, and developing sustainable employment opportunities for their network of artisans.

Each purchase of these gorgeous rugs helps to provide a steady stream of income for indigenous Mayan artisans while promoting well-being in their communities.

Rugs are made to order in Guatemala and require 8 weeks an additional 3-7 days for international shipping (if we do not happen to already have it in stock).

Dimensions Pictured: 5' W x 8' L

Also available in 2.5' x 7', 3' x 5', 6' x 4', 7' x 10', 6' x 12' 

 Assorted Styles
 Fair Trade