Yva & John have been photographing clouds for..." />
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Fine Art Cloud Photography: "Boiling Skyscape"

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Product Description

Photographed by Yva Momatiuk & John Eastcott in Andes, Patagonia, Argentina.

Yva & John have been photographing clouds for years. They watch them form and dissipate, glow with a multitude of hues and roll heavy with storms, move with the wind and stand still for hours. They feel the energy of these vast cloudscapes, towering cumulus formations, iridescent waves of lenticular clouds and feathery cirrus fans. To them, the sky is a wilderness, a celestial refuge. But in Patagonia they forget it all; it is as if all clouds were born here and entered their lives for the first and the only time.

ARTISTS' STATEMENT: "The clouds we observe are volatile and ever changing, visible to us but out of reach. We cannot harness, own, or develop them. They retain the clarity of their structure of fine water droplets and crystalline ice particles suspended in the atmosphere at altitudes reaching up to several miles. They create entire skyscapes, half of the landscape we see and challenge us to look up and watch them unfold.

To make our images, we work in open spaces filled with weather. And while we photograph the clouds moving above grasslands and mountains, ice fields and canyons, forests and deserts, we experience the weather which creates them. We are buffeted by wind and get chilled to the bone, swelter in heat and hunker in heavy rain feeling the next-to-the skin sense of being there. This part of the process is what makes it real for us: our physical presence in nature and the sense of being fully alive."


In-store print: 42"w x 28"h

Custom prints, unmounted & unframed: 20" x 30" / 24" x 36" / 28" x 42" / 32" x 48" / 36" x 54" / 40" x 60" / 42" x 63"

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott are internationally acclaimed photographers of nature. Nomadic for years, they finally settled in the Catskills in 1979 but continue to explore the rhythm, the light and the essence of remote and mysterious wild places.

They have published six books and received awards at the National Press Photographers Association Pictures of the Year, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature's Best and National Wildlife magazine competitions, and the annual award from the Alaska Conservation Foundation for excellence in still photography dedicated to environmental issues. Their images were represented in National Geographic shows in Washington, DC, Annenberg Space for Photography in LA, and BBC exhibits in the Natural History Museum in London, England.

PLEASE NOTE: All images are pigment prints, sprayed with PremierArt Print Shield coating for UV protection. Like all pigments, they can fade over time, so we recommend hanging them away from direct sunlight. Custom sizes available, so they can be framed the way you like. Prints can be signed by the photographers on the front or back, in thin silver script.