Each divinely fragranced Whipped Body Butter by Among the Flowers..." />

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Among The Flowers Whipped Body Butter

$ 18.00

Product Description

Each divinely fragranced Whipped Body Butter by Among the Flowers combines a nutrient rich and super emollient botanical blend for all-over-body skin goodness! This highly concentrated and healing skin care product made of many wild harvested and organic ingredients leaves you feeling and smelling dreamy...

A balanced combination of whipped coconut oil and shea butter, essential oils and highly effective nut and seed derived oils come together in this luxurious whipped body butter. For deep moisturizing and extra dry skin.

Palo Santo is the only scent currently available!

4 oz. of heaven 

Use: For best absorption, use after showering while skin is still damp and warm.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, rice bran oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils

Special order any of the other intoxicating scents from Among The Flowers that range from earthy and gender neutral to floral or freshly sweet: Palo Santo, lavender-sage, jasmine-ylang ylang, cedar & rose, or citrus vanilla. Just email us!