These incredibly soft Fair Trade Felted Giraffe Booties will have your little one reaching for new heights!..." />

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Fair Trade Felted Giraffe Baby Booties

$ 25.00

Product Description

These incredibly soft Fair Trade Felted Giraffe Booties will have your little one reaching for new heights! Lovingly handcrafted from locally sourced sheep's wool in Kyrgyzstan, a masterful women's cooperative hand cuts, dyes, and sews each adorable pair of Zooties, sure to become your baby's new favorite booties. 

Each pair of felted animal baby booties are slip-ons without any snaps, buttons or Velcro.

Zooties come in one-size-fits-all for toddlers 6-12 months.

Silkroad Bazaar works directly with a women-run cooperative in Kyrgyzstan to provide a stable salary to marginalized women living in rural villages with limited market access. This cooperative not only supports the beautiful handiwork of these women, keeping traditional cultural crafts alive, but it also stands as a center of sharing and exchange as one of but a few paces where women can gather, discuss and enjoy being in an all-female space. They employ up to 80 women during peak season.

The company's dedicated team lives amongst their artisan groups for an extended period of time, helping them become self-sustainable by developing their designs, management techniques, quality control and computer skills. 

Silkroad Bazaar supports Friends of Kyrgyzstan, a nonprofit dedicated to implementing projects across Kyrgyzstan that improve infrastructure, support continual learning in areas related to culture, country and development, and host trainings for Kyrgyz people across various mediums and trades.

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