Lucy Owl by Hazel Village is a wise, healthy and wholesome creature and makes a wonderful friend. This unique..." />
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Hazel Village Organic Lucy Owl Doll

$ 48.00

Product Description

Lucy Owl by Hazel Village is a wise, healthy and wholesome creature and makes a wonderful friend. This unique stuffed animal is made of gray organic cotton fleece, with natural wing tips and face. Her legs and beak are green organic cotton jersey. She is stuffed with washable polyfill, so she can be hand washed and air dried if she gets dirty. Her eyes are embroidered with cotton embroidery floss. She measures about 14".

Lucy Owl has developed a regimen of morning exercises that increase upper body strength. Every morning, she does them in the meadow in front of her house. She wants to set a good example for the other animals, because she thinks they're a little spindly. They are not too interested, even though she tells them the better their upper body strength, the better the foraging.

Lucy comes wearing a red organic cotton bonnet, and a soft blue cotton skirt wIth white spots woven in. Lucy's outfit is removable so the animals can share and trade clothes - she looks great in many different outfits, although shoes and socks don't fit her so well because her feet are a different shape. But her wings fit into sleeves surprisingly well. 

About Hazel Village: They work with teams of talented artisans in Nepal, India, and Peru, in addition to their full-time sewing team in Brooklyn.  Committed to ensuring that wherever their products are made, workers make a living wage and enjoy good working conditions and policies. They partner with several social enterprise factories that offer benefits like education and social services to their workers. 

As they grow, they are able to guarantee their partner organizations more full-time work making their products, which allows them a steady source of income to plan and expand. Meanwhile, they (and you!) get the benefit of beautiful products made with skill, care, and love. They believe that when someone cares about their work, it really shows. These relationships with their producers are one of their favorite things about building Hazel Village.