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Lotus Love Beauty Pritti Jasmine & Rose Bath Collection

$ 22.00

Product Description

Transport yourself to a lush garden oasis with our Jasmine & Rose Bath Collection by Lotus Love Beauty. Luscious, floral beauty bars, detoxifying bath salts, silky body oils, creamy lotions, and heavenly candles create the ultimate at-home spa retreat. Lotus Love Beauty's unique, exotic, botanical ingredients and transcendental fragrances are steeped in ayurvedic, yogic, and aromatherapeutic philosophies. Wash your worries away with our soothing, intoxicating Pritti collection.

The complete Pritti (Love) Bath Collection includes one of each of the following:

Beauty Bar: This generously-sized, glycerin-rich bar gently cleanses with a rich, luxurious lather and heavenly scent, leaving your skin soft and Pritti! (8 oz., $11.00 each)

Bath Salts: An intoxicating blend of mineral-rich salts detoxifies impurities from the skin and moisturizes while soothing sore muscles. (1 lb. 5 oz.)

Body Oil: The ultimate multi-purpose oil: perfect for massage, a nourishing soak, or hair and body moisturizer. Rapidly-absorbing, this oil leaves your skin and hair healthy and smooth. (4 oz., $24.00 each)

Body Lotion: A creamy vitamin-rich blend of herbal infusions and pure oils to protect and moisturize while leaving skin smelling fresh and soft to the touch! (8 oz., $22.00 each)

Full Collection: Enjoy the complete four piece Pritti Jasmine & Rose bath collection for the price of only three! Set includes the Beauty Bar, Bath Salts in Glass Jar, Body Oil, and Body Lotion. ($68.00 each set)

All products are 100% vegan and are never tested on animals. Lotus Love Beauty is brought to you by the Shanti Project, a grassroots cooperative dedicated to celebrating inner peace and beauty with a desire to initiate positive change in the world. A portion of each product sold supports the global community through environmental relief efforts and educational programs. Their enthusiasm for collective consciousness is infectious, and their dedication to helping others face to face is inspirational. Lotus Love Beauty is a brand with true integrity... So go ahead, accentuate your inner beauty!

 Assorted Styles