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LivPurely Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizer

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Product Description

The best organic dry skin moisturizer out there, this ultra rich and deeply hydrating face and body oil is gentle enough to use on the most sensitive of skin, even on a newborn baby! Rich in anti-oxidants and natural emollients, this moisturizer helps rejuvenate dry skin, leaving it silky smooth and youthfully firm by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Fast absorbing and non-greasy, our LivPurely Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizer restores and nourishes all skin types.

It all starts with handmade, unheated, cold pressed, organic 100% virgin coconut oil made from the highest grade organic coconuts in the world. Because the coconut oil is cold pressed, it maintains its molecular structure, ensuring that the natural emollients remain present to penetrate deep into the skin, helping to combat the signs of aging while diminishing fine lines & wrinkles.

Here at Nectar we believe that what you put on your skin should be good enough to eat. Most skin care products on the market today are made with refined oils, unspeakable (and unpronounceable!) chemicals, and artificial fragrances. LivPurely Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizer is totally pure & natural, rich in skin protecting anti-oxidants that fight free radicals, and never ever processed. LivPurely products are organic and totally fragrance, chemical, and paraben-free, so you can let nature do the healing!

Ingredients: 100% cold pressed virgin coconut oil

Size: 4 oz.

 Assorted Styles