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The joyous, open hearted man in this photo worked in a gorgeous antique shop in a town on our way back to Marrakech, Morocco where I went in 2015. He spoke 5 languages, told me of his Tuareg people who navigated through the desert by the stars, of invisible ink made with sugar and saffron that, when heated by the recipient, could reveal letters of love or insight battle, and of the illiterate Moroccan women who sung their pain into the beautiful rugs they elaborately wove, rugs that whisper doleful and rich stories through color and symbol. The trick is to honor and keep these magical, unique cultural expressions alive, exchanging how important it is to hold onto craft, to pouring one’s unique story into whatever medium, while also helping to elevate and strengthen the experience and the communities for the makers too. To receive and be inspired, and offer up the same. To work with the artisans so they can be validated for their incredible work, while also offering access to literacy and more.

Changing The Business Model and Why. 

Nectar’s emphasis has always been on quality, green materials, Fair Trade/sustainably sourced gifts and unique beauty. But it's obvious that our extraordinary planet is in peril, and now more than ever, we all need to do our part in unprecedented ways to be more gentle and sustainable. For a healthier collective future, Nectar has made a vigilant commitment going forward to showcase only goods and furniture made locally by the artists and artisans of New York and just beyond, as well as offering smaller items like gifts and textiles that are sustainable, Fair Trade and ethically sourced from around the world.  Nectar may still very occasionally bring in items from abroad, but that will no longer be our main focus. In spite of the fact that our furniture has been reclaimed, as part of Nectar’s evolving business model, we have decided we can no longer justify the environmental impact of regularly bringing large furniture inventory across oceans and then, shipping these far across the US and further around the world to clients. Few imports may happen on occasion but it will no longer be our mainstay. We all must do our part to affect positive change with even more loving vigilance. And we all must be okay with losing ourselves-- shaking things up, entering and inviting the unknown with an open heart and mind. Change is good...

That said, Nectar hopes you keep exploring the world!

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime." -Mark Twain.
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"I guess rumors are more exciting than the truth." -Venus Williams.

Again, to set the record straight and in case you missed the real-not-so-scandalous-non-alternative-fact-news, "liquidation" for Nectar simply means "making way for change." So if you've heard that "Nectar is closing," please help spread a sultry rumor based on truth. Yes, our entire High Falls shop is ON SALE up to 50% off*, but it's because we are evolving, yet again!  (*In-stock items only, all sales final.)  So... furnish your home or work space at super affordable prices while helping us make room for a new and improved Nectar! We're clearing space so that we can re-set with inspiring and completely new inventory, much of it locally made, even more of an emphasis on sustainable/ethical sourcing, changing art and events, and more! Whoo hoo! But we need your help to make room... Borrow your neighbors pick-up truck, and fill it at amazing prices with unique and well built furnishings while you can!

So to be clear: our High Falls shop will continue to be just that, but with fresh new growth. Please let your friends know! And while you anticipate what's next, enjoy 50% off storewide (in-stock/in-store only) so we can bloom! While inventory lasts, come explore our two floors of reclaimed and unique furniture, Fair Trade and handmade gifts, architectural salvage, and much more from around the world. And for our more distant friends who shop on our site, enjoy 20% off our Nectar Exclusives and 40% off our sale section.  
See you very soon! xoxo Jenny
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