Nectar & Friends Raise $700 Worth of Food for Needy Neighbors

We are sending The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley another much needed monthly check, thanks to the generous donations of our in-store customers.  For each dollar of the $59.76 raised this past month, funds will be matched by $10-$12.00 by the Food Bank. That means around $700 worth of food has been raised by Nectar’s big-hearted customers for our neighbors in need this past holiday!!! 

The Food Bank collects food and funds to help provide for over 400 agencies, pantries and soup kitchens that serve families right here in the Hudson Valley who would otherwise go without food. A HUGE THANK YOU to all who contributed!

Some facts from the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley:

  • Hunger is a more serious problem in our community than many people realize. With nearly 20% of New York State families living in or near poverty, it is easy to understand how so many people are just one step away from hunger.
  • Clients seeking emergency food assistance from the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley and its agencies are typically part of hard working families living below the federal poverty line. Most families seeking assistance consist of 2-3 people, usually a mom and one or two children.
  • More than 58% of food pantries and 43% of soup kitchens rely entirely on volunteers and have no paid staff.
  • Two-thirds of emergency feeding programs (67%) indicate they serve more clients now than they did in 2001.

No one plans to be poor. Many people live from paycheck to paycheck and are thrust into poverty by crises like the death of a wage earner, natural disaster, divorce, or medical emergencies. Families in crisis may choose to forgo food in order to pay other bills since food is often one of the few flexible expenses they have. Your contribution makes a HUGE difference in these people’s lives.

Thank you for your support from all of us here at Nectar!

For more info or to donate, check out the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley’s website.

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