Introducing Bea’s Supplier Spotlight Series, where we will feature the very best Shop Nectar suppliers that we love and adore! Here we will share with you their values and ethics, as well as the beauty and quality of their products. Our little love story begins…


Things that make you go mmmmmm… that’s quite possibly the best way to describe Lotus Love Beauty’s infectious bath and body line. Luscious, floral beauty bars, detoxifying bath salts, silky body oils, creamy lotions, and heavenly candles create the ultimate at-home spa retreat at prices that make it easy to stay beautiful. Oh, and there’s no nasty chemicals to worry about, either! Here’s the inside scoop on LLB…

Why their beauty products are oh-so delicious?

Each product is handmade in small batches, using the most pure and exotic oils, herbs, botanicals and spices from their sunny San Diego headquarters.

Steeped in ayurvedic, yogic, and aromatherapeutic philosophies, Lotus Love Beauty is a truly feel-good purchase. Inspired by the motherland of the Holy Cow, their delicious bath and beauty line is 100% vegan, never tested on animals, and helps support the Shanti Project, a nonprofit initiate focused on instilling positive change in our world.

Here’s what owner and founder Jessica Gulati has to say about her incredible line Lotus Love Beauty:

What inspired you to create LLB? 

Lotus Love Beauty: A need for products that are made fresh from food-worthy ingredients. And also the desire to give back.

Bea: That's refreshing to hear, especially seeing the market so saturated with bath & beauty products that are filled with chemicals and highly processed ingredients. Our skin is an organ, after all! How would you say your products differ from the rest?

Lotus Love Beauty: Each batch is made by hand; we serve by hand. Being involved is a big part of who we are and what we do.

Bea: What is your day-to-day beauty regimen?

Lotus Love Beauty: Mainly a veggie diet. I drink water with fresh tulsi multiple times a day, and use Ayurvedic toothpaste from India. I also use LLB body oil on my face every night, and either LLB lotion or oil when I get out of the shower. Sometimes I even mix the two.

Bea: Let's talk about the nonprofit branch of your business- the Shanti Project. What is it and who it support?

Lotus Love Beauty: We don’t usually just cut checks to organizations- we are more proactive about our support, and so it always differs. We find people in need and help however we can. In India we work with an orphanage that takes care of 17 children who have AIDS, and one with Down Syndrome. In the past we’ve brought books to schools. Our first year in business we bought a trunk full of shoes and handed them out on the streets of Delhi. Locally we’ve made bagged lunches and driven through the streets to hand them out to the needy. We see a need and we try to meet it!

That's beautiful. If only more businesses were so invested in their communities! What advice do you have for other young female entrepreneurs?

Lotus Love Beauty: Follow your passion, not money. Do what you whole heartedly believe in and the money will follow!

Our favorite scent?

MOKSHA: a swoon-worthy, sensual blend of musky resins, incense and sandalwood. Sexiness in a bottle. Need we say more?


Explore the entire Lotus Love Beauty line here.

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