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Do you know that beyond the obvious of what we are– a retail store selling gifts, furniture, tea, art, and more– Nectar loves to help residential and commercial projects come to fruition?

Did you know that we have the capacity to fulfill LARGE SCALE design orders, as we did with the 26-room Emerson Resort and Spa in Mt. Tremper? For that project and others, we have provided custom furnishings, statuary, architectural and design details. We love working with Interior Designers and Architects, as well as hands-on with home and business owners to co-create the perfect, inspired environment in a range of styles. Items or whole containers can be shipped anywhere! Just let us know about your design needs…

Here’s what one client recently wrote about her Nectar experience:

“I have renovated or built from the ground up six buildings in Ulster County, New York in the last 10 years. These private homes and a short-term rental business all were lucky to be decked out with unique pieces from Nectar. Jenny Wonderling has an energetic eye and spirit that loves people and the places they inhabit. Her store and warehouse are a treasure trove that I know to visit regularly. The inventory constantly changes and evolves. It is just the right amount of ‘too much’ to really be inexhaustible. And being so close to NYC, yet not, her prices are irresistible! I have seen comparable pieces in the city at the best venues for a painful amount more. Jenny’s eye in action is a pleasure to have turned on your project. She is clear, smart and virtually tireless, and can always be trusted to be working for and with you. Can’t say enough how she has helped my projects come to fruition!

Timeless pieces with universal appeal.
Contemporary setting or vintage, old-school.
Substantial presence in teak or metal, or delicate glass.

In short, I’ve been Nectarized!

-Sterrett Smith
The 1840’s Greek Revival, Accord, NY
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all photos by Lindsey Buckley

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