Spring Is...

Driving away from Nectar one recent afternoon, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of excitement and gratitude for the unfolding warm days ahead. Spring in the Hudson Valley is truly an extraordinary thing to behold– something long awaited, something seemingly earned after slogging through the arduous days of snow shoveling and a starker landscape. True, this winter was freakishly mild, and yet, spring is another magical thing entirely. And so I began to free associate what spring really is for me, and words unfurled before me as I whipped over the beautiful roads towards home: Green. Budding. Beauty. Color. Rebirth. Fun.  So many more, streaming out like water, like sunlight.

Whoo hoo!!! Spring is coming I thought! And with it that a green like none other– the kind that makes your eyes purr when you hike any of the infinite trails that snake these mountains and peer up into the canopy of verdant leaves above! The fun of family and friends coming to visit for languid dinners under the stars! I took note of the words springing forth- Cleansing. Blossoming. Growth. Surprising. And so with sweet Lindsey’s artistic and steady hand, the words have been splashed across Nectar’s windows for the time being. At Nectar we are coaxing in Spring’s gifts, making them our own to celebrate, and be reminded of what’s important now. NOW. This moment.


Not to mention our new words cast gorgeous and unexpected shadows on our concrete floors, and the shimmering gold wall! What an unexpected surprise! An apparition! The letters BEA –the partially truncated form of the word “beauty” –projected coincidentally just behind Bea, hard at work at Nectar. I have attached the photo as proof! No, that’s no Photoshop trick, friends, that’s just Spring working her magic.

There are lots of wonderful new blossoms on Nectar’s branches as well: many new lines of gifts, teas, teapots, children’s items, and jewelry for sale… our ever-growing website is days away from a shopping cart (yipee!!!)… our container full of incredible new furniture is just a few weeks from it’s arrival… and Lindsey, Bea and I are diligently working on getting a catalog together for our design work. And who knows what other surprises lay ahead! You will just have to visit and see for yourself! Spring has indeed sprung…

Happy spring everyone!

With love, Jen

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