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We are beauty seekers who love a good narrative.We boast green furnishings & inspired handiwork from women's cooperatives & Fair Trade organizations around the world, rife with an intimacy that connects us all to the artisan oceans away, or just around the corner. We search for rare & authentic items sustainably crafted with our world community in mind. Join us in celebrating these stories.

    Water Song
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    “When I grew up, we were taught to ask permission of the water, just to begin a relationship with it. We were not to run up to a river, a lake, or a stream, but were told to always approach water in a quiet way, to be respectful, and honor it.” Grandmother Mona Polacca spoke her words carefully, slowly, weighing out each one like the careful steps she spoke of, approaching her ideas with intention and sincerity. She sat flanked by a few of the other grandmothers at the front of the room, facing the rest of us.
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