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We are beauty seekers who love a good narrative.We boast green furnishings & inspired handiwork from women's cooperatives & Fair Trade organizations around the world, rife with an intimacy that connects us all to the artisan oceans away, or just around the corner. We search for rare & authentic items sustainably crafted with our world community in mind. Join us in celebrating these stories.

    Tales From the Counter #5: Love Shopping
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    At Nectar I witnessed relationship dynamics every day for 12 amazing years until I closed my last physical shop this past November. I would say people watching is one of the things I will miss most about having a brick-and-mortar, especially living in a small rural town in winter where it can be easy to isolate. By the way, I don’t mean “witness” as in creepy voyeuristic tendencies. I simply relish the different complexities and subtleties of the human experience, and I learned a tremendous amount through holding space where all that could play out-- one cup of tea and purchase at a time. It was like living theater!  And yes, I only took in the details in quick, sideways glances between doing myriad other tasks, conversations and questions fired off by staff and other customers, phones ringing and the rest.
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